Community Engagement

Community engagement is a catalyst for communities to find their own solutions to problems. The Children’s Trust understands that no amount of funding will suffice if residents themselves do not participate in improvement efforts through decision-making and consultation. The Trust’s community engagement team members work across the county, listening, connecting and engaging, while supporting participatory decision-making and helping reveal and mobilize community assets, strengths and resources. Using a collective impact model, community groups lead the way supported by The Trust’s as a backbone organization that convenes and coordinates partners. Working strategically with community support, the team engages neighborhoods throughout the county to revitalize underutilized community space. Team members serve as ambassadors for The Children’s Trust. They listen and lend support in a multitude of ways, including leveraging resources from other partners to build trust and support community goodwill.

Community research on the needs of children, youth and families in Miami-Dade County

Trust-building, community empowerment and collaboration are by nature more challenging to quantify than direct services. To contact The Children’s Trust community engagement team with your idea to develop a neighborhood improvement plan, submit this online form.